Case Studies

Urbanest, City

This brand new nest sits above a 2,000 year-old section of London’s original Roman wall, the centre piece of a unique exhibition and café space

Calibre Building Services were awarded the engineering services maintenance contract via the clients consultant post the phased practical completion of the new build. This a further addition to an already established contract supporting a number of properties direct with the client. The property is supported by our foot mobile technicians supported by our specialist water, drainage & electrical testing partners to name a few

Riverside House

Redesigned, Riverside House provides occupiers with a contemporary and creative office environment

Calibre Building Services were retained post a retender exercise via the managing agents term consultant for a further 3 years post a major refurbishment carried out by the building’s owner. The property is supported by a full time site team including an apprentice and specialists partners to provide the all-round service package.

100 Avebury Boulevard

The finest office development in Milton Keynes

Calibre Building Services were awarded the m,e & ph contract post a tender exercise carried out by the property owners managing agent. The building was a new build and as part of the contract suppliers & installing contractors were employed to support their respective services so all defects and warranties were managed by Calibre and remained in place and managed for the landlord to reduce any exposure. The site is supported by a full time technician.

Tricorn House

The perfect environment for our diverse business community

Calibre were invited to tender for three properties including Tricorn House as part of an ongoing working relationship supporting a number of properties in the south. Via the clients consultant the award of all three properties was the end result with Tricorn being supported by a full time technician and the other two properties being supported by a full time mobile technician. Specialist contractors also fall under our management.

The Heights

Weybridge's most prestigious and established business location

Post a rigorous tender process and presentation to both the managing agent and consultant, Calibre were awarded the MEP contract. A full time site team support four buildings, car parks and estate areas along with our partners supporting specialists services. A successful TUPE transfer formed part of the tendering process and additional staff resourced to support the contract. Calibre management attend the business park weekly to support the site team along with a client surgery to ensure the high service delivery is being provided.

The Forge

It challenges the convention of what an office is and should be...

Our client was appointed and Calibre were engaged pre the practical completion of a complete building refurbishment to provide a m,e & ph maintenance proposal. This also included employing and managing specialists, suppliers & installing contractors to maintain their respective services and protect the landlord from any additional costs during the defects period and to support warranties. The site is supported by our mobile engineering division with weekly visits being provided.